Volunteers are needed for Cascade Days 2018.

Please call 360-770-8340 or email ember@cascadedays.com if you would like to help out.

June 1st to August 18th ~ 1 or 2 people to coordinate the Button and Duck sales. It entails distributing them to local businesses; finding and scheduling people to sell at Alberts Red Apple. This is a very important job and needs a very dedicated person!

Starting now ~ need someone to promote the parade, call around to find new entrants and send out applications.

Also need someone to coordinate a new event ~ a Pet Parade on Sunday!

Saturday 8/18/18

8 am to 12 pm ~ 2 or 3 people to help set up for parade; put out signs, set up canopy and table for sign in, help line up entrants, traffic control, take table and canopy down after parade starts

11:00 am to 12 pm ~ 2 people to walk Main Street (starting at Superior walking East to Dillard Ave) each taking a side to count the people. Then join Sherrill at the judging table to help her if needed.

9 am to 11 am ~ 2 or 3 people to help put up canopies for kids activities and help setup   (stay till 4 pm if you want to help with kids activities!)

12 pm to 4 pm ~ people need to help sell ducks and buttons and do survey

Sunday 8/19/18

12 am to 4 pm ~ 2 or 3 people to help set up contests, sell buttons, do survey and help with clean up. Can be all 4 hours or just 1 or 2!!!

[Printable Volunteer Flyer]